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A Sustainable Philosophy

The HealthyWithAlex Approach

When we think about healthy individuals, what do we imagine? Do we picture them fueling up for the day on pastries and a morning cigarette? Do they drink soda and eat corndogs with reckless abandon?


These may be obvious examples of unhealthy behaviors. But all too often, our lives are busy and things get beyond our control. We know that donuts and Doritos don’t comprise a healthy diet. We know that exercise is good and we should drink more water.


But… stuff happens. And then you find yourself bingeing on those chips, unable to go without dessert after dinner, and spending your entire evening zoning out on reality TV, mindlessly snacking, and scrolling facestagramchatbook, all at the same time!!

Who Are You?

More likely, you make mostly good choices with the information, resources, and budget at your disposal. You *try* to get to the gym a couple times a week. You usually eat a salad at some point in the day, and you know that you should probably have something besides coffee for breakfast. You keep meaning to try yoga or meditation, and you have vowed to cut down on candy or granola bars during that dreadful 3pm lull in the day. Oh the humanity!!!

So what's the problem? Why the excuses, the list of "shoulds" and why do we constantly undermine our good intentions? We are the only obstacle that stands in our way of living the life that we continually hope and wish for. So let's stop hoping, and start acting!


I’m here to help you realize what’s important to you, so you can begin your journey toward a more sustainable lifestyle. Your limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, destructive habits, and excuses no longer have airtime. And the sooner we get to work on stating and defining your goals, the sooner we can start implementing gradual changes toward a healthier you, in sync with your values, and with the planet!

Healthy Salad
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