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Health Coaching with Alex

Six Core Principles to Achieving & Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle That's Right For You

Green Goodness

Making Better Decisions

Food & Nutrition

The key to health and vitality starts with what we eat. The days of chowing on whatever we want and having our bodies just deal with it are a distant memory.

But knowing what to eat, what to avoid, and what might be the source of your health woes, is a tricky issue, and one that most people are not prepared to tackle.

Everyone is different, and we will work together, embrace those differences, and figure out what works best for your body and lifestyle. Whether you want to lose weight, establish better habits in the home, or explore alternatives to a life of pill-popping, I've got your back.

Running Shoes

Establishing Your Routine

Physical Activity

The benefits of regular physical activity are well-documented. Not only does it protect us from degenerative diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's, but it supports immune function and keeps us sane! Yes, that's right, exercise releases those chemicals that elevate mood, decrease hostility, amp up metabolism, and make us generally nicer people to be around. Sounds like magic, to me!

If you're not seeing the desired results with your current exercise regimen, or you're having trouble incorporating one into your life, we'll work together to figure out why. Then we'll get you on the path to health and vitality, with some added pep in your step.

Group Bonding

Cultivating Meaningful Bonds


The evidence overwhelmingly supports the importance of cultivating meaningful relationships and strong social bonds as one of the keys to vitality. Look at any of the Blue Zones around the world, and strong familial and social bonds are at the heart of these thriving communities.

Today, smartphones and other technology have pushed us further into isolation, increasing the prevalence of mental illness, and unhealthy, self-destructive behaviors.

Let's figure out how to enhance your relationships or interactions with friends and co-workers, etc. so they continue to serve your goals toward health and vitality.

Swedish Massage

Managing Stress & Self-care

Stress & Sleep

Perhaps most ignored and least credited for their effects on mental health and well-being are quality of sleep and how we cope with stress. Countless health conditions spawn from lack of sleep and mismanagement of stress -- from anxiety disorders and feelings of constant exhaustion, to poor food choices, lowered immune function, cognitive dysfunction, and nutritional deficiencies.

During sleep, many crucial bodily functions occur, to repair and nurture our bodies. If you're having sleep dysfunction or stress-related troubles, we can develop strategies to handle whatever comes your way!

Bath Brush and Soap

Avoiding Toxins & Being Green

Clean Living

We hear a great deal about reducing "chemicals" and "toxins" in our environment, but it seems difficult when they're seemingly everywhere -- in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat, etc. On a daily basis, we are inundated with many synthetic environmental "toxicants" but it's not hopeless!

We have the power of choice, which we can exercise every time we use our wallets, to support companies and products that don't use harmful chemicals. Together, we'll look at what you bring into your home, and develop cleaner, greener rituals, that won't break the bank.

Happy Girl

Changing Your Inner Dialogue

Positive Mindset

The thoughts that permeate our heads on a daily basis have more impact on physical health than most realize. Your thoughts are your reality. So if they're negative, shaming, or counter-productive, then guess what! That's impacting everything from your food choices, to your relationships, career performance, and much more.

It's important for us to be kind to ourselves, and develop ways to positively impact our mindset. This may include yoga and meditation, religious practices, or regular nature walks. Whatever it is, we'll work on how to incorporate personal rituals to serve your goals toward health and vibrancy.

My Program

As your health coach, we’ll navigate the world of contradictory nutrition and health advice together to explore what truly works for you. Each session will leave you feeling inspired and motivated.

We will talk about things beyond food, to uncover what has been holding you back. And I will personally and carefully guide you to make incremental changes that will transform your life.

Program Results

What You Will Do & Feel:

  • Set personal, meaningful goals to inspire and motivate you

  • Decipher your body’s unique needs

  • Develop strategies to address stress & other factors holding you back

  • Improve your energy levels

  • Incorporate delicious and nutritious foods to nourish your mind and body

  • Feel empowered to make the right choices that support your goals toward health and vitality

  • Understand your cravings and learn how to interpret their messages

  • And much, much, much more!

Girl Power
Making Appointments

6-Month Program Commitment

What You Will Get:

  • Two 45-minute sessions per month for 6 months, conducted in-person, or via Skype/Facetime

  • Email support between sessions

  • Handouts, articles, and recipes specific to your needs and goals

  • Optional pantry and fridge guidance, with cooking demos upon request

  • Optional grocery store tour

  • A supportive, understanding coach to help you every step of the way!


How Much Will This Cost:

  • $195 per month

  • Total 6 month program investment = $1,170*

*Discounts available for immediate sign-up, and upfront payment in full. We can discuss barters and alternatives, if applicable.

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